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Musician Arrow Bwoy urged his male followers to consider using protection until they were ready to become parents.

The Dodo singer took to social media to express his feelings, advising men to tie the knot until they are ready to deal with the drama that often comes with their partners’ pregnancies.

“Boychild kama hauko ready na hizi mbwe mbwe za gestation journey tumia tu jwala na ukijipata hapa please cooperate,” he wrote.

According to Arrow Bvoy, pregnancy is accompanied by many ups and downs that require partners to be willing to help and solve in every possible way.

Talking about their less than rosy pregnancy in a previous interview, the singer and his girlfriend, singer Nadia Mukami, revealed the difficulties they had to go through to have a baby.
“Pregnancy is not easy. Mothers do not tell us the truth. Morning sickness can be present throughout pregnancy, you are just sick. For me, I was anemic and couldn’t eat because I would vomit a lot. Since the second trimester, there is a huge discrepancy between my face and body. My back is dark and my front is light. It can change your self-esteem, especially if you are the center of attention,” said Nadia.

Despite the hardships he experienced, Arrow Bvoy said he supported and encouraged Nadia throughout her pregnancy.

“She is a fighter. After we lost our first child, I decided to stay with her and when we got pregnant again, I told her that I would support her in everything,” said Erro Bwoi.

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After losing their first pregnancy, the famous couple decided to keep their next pregnancy a secret. According to Nadia, the decision to keep the trip private was so that she and her partner could afford the luxury of embracing the sacred moment of life’s growth.
“I remember when I got pregnant, God remembered me the most. I’ve closed so many deals because I’ve taken my journey private.

Watu wa blogs mko hapa najua mtasema Nadia aliwa anaficha mimba, no. Pregnancy is a very personal journey, there are days when you wake up, you have a big meeting, but you just want to sleep all day. That’s why sometimes some of us don’t want to reveal it there,” said Nadia.

Unfortunately, the news of their pregnancy became public knowledge after their close friend Jalangyo mistakenly mentioned it during an interview, angering the duo.

“Honestly, what you did was completely wrong. If it was a blogger, a promoter, or a fan, I couldn’t care less. But you invited us into your personal space so that you would open your mouth and then try to justify yourself and say that you are not sorry,” replied Nadia.

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