The Municipality of the Great Tsanin in Limpopo held a summit on corruption to warn staff about cancer. The municipality has been in the spotlight due to staff corruption in the past.

Some municipal contracts were revoked in court after they were declared irregular. The municipality hopes the summit will help stop acts of fraud and corruption.

The municipality of Veliky Tsanin has been singled out by the Auditor General as one of the trends of escalating unauthorized, irregular, fruitless and wasteful spending.

Municipality spokesman Neville Ndlala admits that corruption has cost the municipality money that could have been better spent on improving service to residents. He says some contracts have been terminated in court.

“The Mulati driveway project and the Codesa Hani project, where there were acts of fraud, these cases were brought to court, and the contract was declared invalid because of these actions. As a municipality, it also happened in Muhlab, where we had a project, also this project was stopped or declared invalid by a court decision. It is very expensive in terms of finances, and it takes up a lot of our time and also denies our communities much-needed services, ”says Ndlala.

South African Union of Municipal Workers (SAMWU) spokesman Moses Malatzhi says they welcome the municipality’s summit. Malatya says they have previously spoken out against mismanagement and corruption in Tsanin. He says in the past they have also reported cases with the public security office.

“In previous years, we acted as SAMWU Tzaneen, raising issues related to corruption in the institution, where we even appealed to the public security office to report such incidents, which even [up to] today we never had a report. But we believe that if we have such an initiative within the institution, it will help us, ”Malatye says.

Clifford Letzaalo, an adviser to the Barista for Economic Freedom (EFF) municipality, says the municipality does not have the ability to fight corruption.

“As an EFF in the Great Price, we have been challenging this case for a very long time, that there is a lot of fraud and corruption going on in our municipality. Currently, there is a report of a violation of the rules and regulations of the SCM, this is the conclusion of the internal audit team and are one of the most useless, “- says Letzoalo.

Mayor Garrison Malapisane said at the summit that the council is ready to fight corruption and fraud. Molopisan says that members of tender commissions must enter into contracts in accordance with municipal specifications.

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