A suspicious clip from Amber Heard in court has sparked alarm from tweets suggesting she could have sniffed cocaine during her live testimony.

The clip, which went viral on social media, shows how the actress appears in the place of witnesses. But it was her manner – like sniffing a napkin and wiping her nose repeatedly – that raised her eyebrows.

Amber and Johnny are involved in a dirty $ 100 million libel case in Fairfax, Virginia. The former Pirates of the Caribbean the actor is suing his ex-wife for the claims she made in Washington Post an article in which they claimed to have been victims of violence during their two-year marriage. In turn, Amber is filing a counterclaim against Johnny after his legal team called her statements a “fabricated hoax”.

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SECRETLY sniffing cocaine?

In the clip Amber Heard enters the booth on Thursday, May 5, the second day of the review.

With a solemn face, Amber pulls out a napkin on which she seems to be licking her left nostril before wiping her nose twice and sniffing several times.

And then Aquaman The actress was filmed as she repeated a suspicious act later while testifying.

Manners, according to the tweets, suggest that she sniffed a class A drug in front of the courtroom.

Even TV reporter Greg Kelly admitted the move looked suspicious. He tweeted, “WOW! It looks like Amber Heard is sniffing cocaine right in front of a judge, jury and bailiff. What is happening now? Wrong trial? You can’t BLOW in the courtroom! ”

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Here’s what the other twists said:

@enchantedharlot: “Anyone who has ever done this knows exactly what she just did. There is no doubt about that. “

@ StaroT93: “I, b ** a, knew it !! I watched last night and thought her jaw was everywhere. “

@ jraymond0412: “I mean, I’ve done my fair share of Coca-Cola, you’ll lose so much in such a loose napkin, and the fact that you can get Coca-Cola around your nose in court, I don’t know. Probably unbelievable. “

@AjaxtheGriff: “It’s very similar, but it’s too hard for me to believe she couldn’t have done it in the bathroom beforehand. Too much effort / risk not to get caught »



While Amber Heard’s legal team portrayed Johnny Depp as a man who openly fights drug addiction, the actress reportedly also has her own skeletons.

According to former nurse Erin Fallati, who appeared in the courtroom via video link, Amber Heard had an “addiction to cocaine and alcohol.”

Notes read by the nurse showed that Amber confessed to “eating mushrooms and MDMA at the same time as well as drinking alcohol” during a trip to the Coachella Music Festival in April 2016.

The actress also told the nurse that she was “high for at least 24 hours straight.”

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