Following her statement condemning his role in the Showmax special Mohale: On The Record, queer rights activist and media personality Tammy Dish has sent a letter of demand to Somiza’s ex-husband.

The lawsuit accuses Mohale, as well as the production house responsible for the special, of “intentionally and wrongfully” publishing and broadcasting “certain, false, defamatory and unverified statements” about Tammy Dish (real name Tammy Kotlolo).

His legal team then contested the show’s inference that he supported Somiza and Mohale’s relationship, calling it an allegation along with the finding that Tami witnessed the physical abuse Mohale was subjected to.

They further accused Mohal and the production team of a calculated move to tarnish his reputation by mentioning him on the show, and claimed that this harmed his personal and professional reputation, as well as his ability to generate income in the future.

Tammy was recently cast in a local Netflix production, Justice Is Deserved.

The legal letter then concludes by setting out a number of requirements.

The first is that the parties requested in the letter to “cease and refrain from making and/or broadcasting any false, malicious or defamatory statements against Tami or sharing any such material.

Demand letter from Thami Dish to Mohale Motaung | Images: Twitter / @philmphela

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The second requirement is that the parties addressed retract the “statements” in question and simultaneously issue an apology within 48 hours of receiving the legal letter.

The third requirement is the one everyone is talking about. It dictates that the parties involved must pin the apology to the top of their social media (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) within three months.

Pinned posts are considered a staple in the social media world and are often designed to promote valuable content.

What happens if they don’t comply?

Thami Dish threatens to sue Mohale Motaung
Demand letter from Thami Dish to Mohale Motaung | Images: Twitter / @philmphela

Well, if they don’t comply, the letter concludes with a threat of a lawsuit that will seek to obtain a court order to force them to comply.

Tami’s legal team also said they would seek a fine plus R1 million in damages if they go to court.

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