The government has asked higher education institutions to dare to research in order to innovate to help the government achieve national development.

Zanzibar’s First Vice President Osman Masoud Otman called in Dodom during the official launch of Innovation Week 2022 on: Innovation for Sustainable Development at the famous Jamhuri Stadium.

The week is coordinated by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) under its program called Funguo.

The Funguo program aims to contribute to the current innovation ecosystem by creating a funding mechanism to provide investment support to innovative enterprises in the country.

According to Mr. Otman, higher education institutions have set themselves the coal goal of conducting research, emphasizing the need for all universities to strengthen their capacity in this area to help the government pursue the best innovation policies that would ultimately ensure innovators enjoy from their creativity.

Mr Otman, representing Zanzibar President Dr Hussein Mwini, asked the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, in collaboration with other institutions from both parts of the mainland, to prepare strategic plans that would protect the various innovative works.

“Now copyright criminals have been brought into the world, so it’s time for the government to take appropriate action to protect our own innovations so that those who come up with innovations benefit from their work,” he said. added.