After heartbreak and embarrassment over the past two years, South African musician Bulelva “Zahara” Mkuthukana has emerged as a new person.

The award-winning muse says she’s feeling good after saving her home and also reveals her future plans to remain a famous musician.

Born in the Eastern Cape, Zahara says she now focuses on herself and ensuring she remains happy as a person.

The Lolive The hitmaker lost her sister Namonde in a car accident in 2021, before a burglary at her home earlier this year saw her lose some of her South African Music Awards trophies.

“I feel so renewed. I am in a good place. I got rid of a lot of toxic energies and people who were not right for me,” she told Drum Magazine.

“There were people who constantly take and take. I’m in a good place right now and I’m focusing on myself and my happiness.”

The talented singer also says she is grateful to fans and South Africans who helped donate money to save her house from being repossessed.

“I am grateful to everyone who prayed for me and helped me save my home,” she added.

“I know some people wanted to help but didn’t have money, but they prayed for me. Even those who don’t like me, some put me in their prayers. Their families prayed for me. Even my children wished me well.”

Zahara also opened up about her future plans, saying a reality TV show is in the works, but didn’t reveal any details.

“We are in the final stages of planning the reality show and will start filming next week,” she revealed.

“A lot of people have approached me about being on a reality show, and I think it’s time to tell my story, my way, and let people into my home and into my life.”

Main image: Bulelwa Mkutukana/Instagram

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