The Swaziland National Union of Teachers (SNAT) has urged teachers in Eswatini to stay at home due to rising political tensions in the country. This followed a voice note by an unknown person threatening to attack King Mswati 3rd and the armed forces.

The tension comes amid a recent attack on police officers reported in Eswatini. SNAT president Mbongwa Dlamini says their members will not return to work until their safety is guaranteed.

“They have given specific instructions to our members, the teachers, not to go to work because they will immediately start fighting anyone they meet even at school. So it was safe for us to make sure our members are safe. Because nowadays, even if you can get into an accident, if you call the police, they refuse to come, citing that they are also afraid of being attacked.”

Meanwhile, Swaziland Liberation Movement (SWALIMO) Secretary General Dr Siphetfa Dlamini urged citizens of Eswatini to exercise caution and avoid unnecessary travel.

“There are a number of sectors or categories that have been affected by what is happening in Swaziland. The tension eventually led to the closure of a significant number of Emaswati, especially those who also work for the government, and officials in a number of departments where services are supposed to be provided to the people of Swaziland. Therefore, as the Swaziland Liberation Movement, we have encouraged and requested all Emaswati to stay indoors and ensure that their safety is a priority.”

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