End-to-end email encryption service Tutanota reports that they are receiving reports that Crunchyroll does not allow their email addresses to be used when signing up for their service. When they contacted their team to unblock their domains, they got the following response: “Your domains are banned because we encountered a lot of hackers using your domains’ email to hack our accounts.” From the report: In other words, Crunchyroll believes that many hackers used Tutanota’s domain email to hack into their accounts, so they banned Tutanota from their list. Moreover, they recommend users to use email accounts created by “Big Tech” companies to subscribe to their services without any problems. It’s not a new phenomenon, notes It’s FOSS. ‚ÄúDeviantArt has actively blocked Proton Mail in the past because spammers used the platform to create accounts. Now they have unlocked them.’

Tutanota recently accused Microsoft of not allowing Tutanota users to register accounts on its cloud-based collaboration platform Teams.

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