The father of a Stellenbosch University student, whose belongings a classmate from the campus urinated on, expressed disappointment that the institution had not taken decisive action against the offender.

It is reported that in the incident, which was recorded on a mobile phone camera, over the weekend a white student urinated on the things of Babalo Ndvayan.

The university dismissed the alleged perpetrator, saying it strongly condemned the devastating, abusive and racist incident.

However, student structures are calling for the expulsion of the student.

Ndwayana’s father, Mkuseli Kaduka, says he will seek more punitive measures.

“Stellenbosch University has a history of such incidents, and one would expect that if such an incident happened now, they would have systems in place to take decisive action against the perpetrators. I sent a few letters to the school until I got feedback from them. The only thing I got was from the students, but I will seek more punitive measures, because people have come forward, saying that this is not an isolated case. “

The university said in a statement that no student has the right to dehumanize another person.

University spokesman Martin Villon says the incident at the Huis Marais residence, where both students live, was reported on Sunday. According to him, this was later reported to the relevant structures of the university.

Viljoen said the university will make a final decision on the matter after an investigation.

He said this does not rule out expulsions and criminal charges.

Earlier, the Student Council of Education Institutions condemned the incident after social media users opened a video on Twitter early Monday morning.

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