A member of the BizNews community strongly believes that coalitions between smaller parties are South Africa’s only hope for progress after the 2024 elections. He believes the ANC has had more than enough time to prove itself, and on Facebook has been fervently urging fellow citizens to come together to support his call for a coherent opposition.

John Steenhuizen,

German Mashaba,

Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi,

Dr. Peter Groenewald,

Mzwanele Nyotsho,

Bantu Holamisa,

Ahmed Munzoor Shaik Emam,

Patricia de Lille,

Mosiuoa Lekota.

During World War II, when Hitler and the Nazis unleashed their war machine on the world, the only thing that stopped them was a grand coalition that went by the name of ALLIES.

It included countries like France, the Soviet Union, China and the United States, and it was only because these countries united that Hitler was defeated.

The dictionary definition of “allies” is “to combine or combine a resource or commodity with another for mutual benefit.”

In South Africa we are not facing the Third Reich, but we are facing a force almost as destructive…the ANC which in 28 years has virtually destroyed this wonderful country.

And the only thing that will remove this monster is a coalition between some smaller political parties.

They are the DA, IFP, ActionSA, FF+, UDM, PAC, NFP, GOOD and COPE whose leaders I am addressing in this letter.

A coalition government is the ONLY hope of this country because none of you listed above are big enough to topple the ANC single handedly.

And you know it all too well.

But alas, I see nothing but discord between you! Please tell me you don’t put your personal power before the government.

Please tell me you don’t put your ego before your country.

Please tell me you don’t put petty political differences before country.

Please tell me you don’t put petty party politics before country.

It is time to rise up TOGETHER to eliminate the ANC which is nothing but a virus on this earth.

And you only have ONE chance. Elections in 2024.

Then it will be too late.

On behalf of the rest of the country, I am asking you to put your differences aside and join forces to slay the beast.

UNITAS VIRES (Unity is strength)

DON CLARK – The Crutchmullet.

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