When it came time to hand out talent for sports, the son of Jacques Potgitter and Angelique Gerber was clearly first in line. A five-year-old child seems natural, obviously something Dad is proud of.

“The first medal for the little champion,” Springbok wrote in an Instagram post, where he proudly holds his radiant son in his arms. “Dad is proud of you. # rugby dad’s honor ”.

This follows a publication that Potgitter published in April, where his son proved that he also has a talent for tennis. “Such love for this little boy,” he wrote. “#Tennis # 5 years #natural”.

It was in March that the proud dad shared footage of his son’s very first rugby game.

He signed the post: “A very proud father. No words to describe my love for you, my son. # 1rstrugbygame #rugby #proudbate #unconditionallove »

Jacques and Angelique have three children – their 5-year-old son and twin daughters, who turned four in February.

At their daughters’ birthday party, News24 reported rumors that the famous couple may be heading for divorce.

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According to the article, the couple broke up after a betrayal scandal that was in the news just six months ago. An insider told News24 that despite Jacques ’attempts to save their relationship, Angelique is hesitant to give up their relationship again.

Angelica also recently shared her son’s reel on the rugby field by simply signing, “Garcia!” referring to a school in Pretoria, Garsfantain Primary School. Afrikaans singer Nadine, who also recently fell victim to a fraud scandal, commented on the post, saying: “I don’t know enough, but sister, it seems your little man has talent!”

Meanwhile, Angelica was preparing for the very first women’s Boxop event to take place in June, and her daughter Olivia is clearly one of her biggest fans.

In appearance, celebrity genes are sure to give their children a head start in life.

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