Efforts are underway to revive boxing in South Africa

The current leadership of boxing in South Africa is doing everything to revive the sport in the country.

Following a two-day strategic workshop in Kempton Park, the country’s professional boxing regulator, Boxing South Africa, presented a detailed five-point plan to return the sport to its former glory. Participants in the strategic seminar included the current BSA board, as well as all stakeholders of the boxing fraternity, including boxing promoters and licensees in the sport.

BSA Chairman Lutanda Jack says the regulator is fully behind the trend of exhibition fights involving musicians and other celebrities, which are seen as another way to revive boxing in South Africa and should be guided within limits. the laws governing boxing.

“We see celebrity boxing as an innovation, so we welcome it. For example, the last tournament in Sun City, which we considered as a pilot, and there are some lessons we learned from it to basically improve the project we had on how to organize such fights, “he added. Jack.

Boxing South Africa say they are pleased with the work they have done to revitalize the entire boxing fraternity and reach all the provinces of the country with a message to renew, grow and transform. The organization shares that their agenda has been supported by all stakeholders in boxing, and implementation is now required.

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