The winner of this year’s $ 100,000 MIT Entrepreneurship Competition is commercializing new water desalination technology. MIT News reports: Nona Desalination says it has developed a device capable of producing enough drinking water for 10 people at half the cost and with 1/10 the power of other water desalination devices. The device is about the size and weight of about a case of bottled water and is powered by a small solar panel. The traditional approach to water desalination is based on an energy-intensive process called reverse osmosis. In contrast, Nona uses technology developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Electronics Research Laboratory that removes salt and bacteria from seawater using an electric current.

“Since we can do all this at ultra-low pressure, we don’t need a high pressure pump [used in reverse osmosis]so we don’t need a lot of electricity, ”says Crawford, who co-founded the company with MITU researcher Chongho Yoon.“ Our device runs at less power than a mobile phone charger. ”The company has already developed a small prototype that produces a clean With the win, Nona will build more prototypes to give to early customers.The company plans to sell its first devices to sailors before moving to the U.S. Emergency Preparedness Division, which it estimates at a $ 5 billion industry. scaled globally to help with disaster relief.This technology can also be used to produce hydrogen, separate oil and gas and more.

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