Slik Talk praised Quinton Jones – Mini Dlamini’s husband – after he was spotted with a mysterious woman in a nightclub last weekend in photos that went viral on social media.

But in true style it was actually a compliment from the controversial YouTuber celebrity.


Commenting on photos of Quinton Jones, who switched from Minnie, he said: “I am proud of them. It took him and this girl four years for a corrupt businessman to push him to find his masculine dignity. ”

But then came vague comments from a blogger who lost a boxing bout to Casper Bride.

He continued about Quinton Jones: “You played yourself as the biggest simpleton in the country. Everyone knows that you were played… that you sucker… You married someone who was for the street.

Slik Talk has revealed a couple for their “joint” statement accusing Mini Dlamini of dating wealthy businessman Edwin Sodi. He said, “You can’t have a whole reality show, and if shit hits fans, now you want privacy.”

When it came to Mini, Slik Talk couldn’t help but say. He said, “You’re a bad wife. She was not enough of a woman to be this man’s wife. Now she is a returned soldier, trying to find another man

“Mini Dlamini leads a lifestyle without work.”

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While Mini Dlamini was allegedly linked to wealthy businessman Edwin Soddy, her former Quinton Jones was allegedly linked to model and singer Kayla.

Controversial blogger with gossip about celebrities Musa Havul wrote on Twitter: “Meet Kayla, the woman who was spotted with Quinton Jones in the Orthodox Lounge.

“Mini Dlamini’s ex-husband seems to have found a rebound”

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