Sitela Shozi has taken to social media to throw shade at Sbahle Mpisane after she broke down in tears on IG Live.

Sbahle addressed some of the nasty hurtful things the trolls said about her, but it was prompted by a “heartfelt” DM she received from a woman who advised her to cut off her leg.

She shed a few tears live, which was also affected by the nasty comments she received during the session.

She has been called many different names and given many names, as have some people, including Sitela Ze Shozi’s sister, who said she is disabled.

In response to the video, Sitelo began trolling Sbahle using her hairstyle.

“Alikho ikhanda elitakao elisinwa iMohawk” which translates to “No able-bodied head wears a mohawk.”

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