Andila Mpiane’s first mother Sitella Shozi has been on trend since his wife and second mother Tamiya Mpiane brought Miaandi’s baby from the hospital.

Twips and blogger Musa Havula shared Shozi’s stories on Instagram, where she shares her favorite drink, hiding her daughter’s face to daddy babies.

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Andile Mpiane and his wife Tamia organized an elegant return home for their newborn daughter Mianda, and his ex-girlfriend Sitella Shozi talked to her followers on her Instagram.

Shozi showed her followers on Instagram that savannah remains her favorite drink, and also said her dads wouldn’t fit into a single photo when a fan asked her to reveal her dads.

Andila’s newborn daughter as well as Shozi have been the talk of social media ever since the Mpianses did their best to get their last grandson welcomed home from the hospital on Tuesday, May 17th.

Andila has two more children, “Baby Flo” and Likuwe “Coco” Mpisane, whom he shares with Sitel Shozi.

Earlier this month, May 2, Baby Flo celebrated her second birthday, and her younger sister Likouve will celebrate her first birthday on July 21st.

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“Wait, Miaandy = Mia from Tamia and Andy from Andile?”


“Do you guys remember when Sitella published the baby bump of that married man who covered up his wife when she wrote about fighting depression?”

“Today the same Sitella is watching another woman get the same, if not more, benefits she had … You can’t tell me it’s not karma.”


“Sitella is resting. You know you’re wrong and should have been jailed for sexual assault. “

“You met a minor and gave birth to his child. Tanya is married to an adult, not like that at all. “

“If anyone had done this to your daughter Flo, you would have gone crazy. Take responsibility, not troll. ”


“Mamkhize really didn’t like Sithelo, did he? She didn’t even publish Sitel’s last birth. ”


“Unfortunately, Sitella will be reminded of the cruel things that have happened to her all along.”

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