Former ANC Deputy President Kgalema Matlanthe

  • There is strong opposition to proposed new rules for the ANC’s electoral processes ahead of the party’s nnational conference.
  • In particular, there was opposition pmade a short list of three people for each position.
  • He said that this was a violation of the party charter.

At a special meeting of the National Executive Committee (NEC) on Tuesday, there was strong opposition to strict new criteria for the ANC’s internal election processes, particularly calls for the inclusion of three candidates during nominations and vetting of candidates.

The NEC has learned that some new rules initiated by former ANC deputy president Kgalema Motlanthe are in breach of the party’s constitution.

A source who attended the meeting told News24:

There was a big rejection [the proposed] a short list of up to three people for each position, [with those against it] citing a violation of the ANC constitution.

The source noted that NEC members have expressed concern about who decides on those excluded from electoral processes, and they have warned of possible abuse of the process.

“The opposition [to the] screening of candidates [was mainly voiced] by those who are worried that they might be disqualified,” the source said.

Announcing the new criteria for those eligible to be elected at the December conference, Motlanthe, who chairs the ANC’s electoral committee, reiterated last week that the resolutions passed by the committee were aimed at fixing flaws and manipulating party processes.

Motlanthe also stressed that the new rules “will give candidates and leaders the capacity, integrity and support needed to lead the ANC and the government”.

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Sources in the ANC added that the “ward selection of voters” was also rejected when it was actually approved at the last NEC meeting.

Those who opposed it are said to have cited that it was inconsistent with the ANC constitution.

” [special NEC meeting] was intended only to obtain progress in implementation [of this already approved selection of electoral officers at branches] but as expected [the meeting] was used as an opportunity to reconsider this decision,” said the NEC member.

According to Motlanthe, among the many ways the ANC seeks to select the best for leadership positions is a vetting process whereby only three suitable candidates can be selected for each position.

Motlante said:

The provincial nominations, combined from the branch nominations for each province, are then used to determine three national nominees for each official position and 200 nominees from among the additional members. Branch delegates are not bound by provincial nominations. These names, along with the nominees from the conference, will be placed on the ballot.

He added that the choice of leadership is even more important ahead of the 2024 national elections and that branches must approach it with serious “political analysis and good faith”.

“They (affiliates) should approach the selection of leadership with an eye-of-a-needle approach. The success of the ANC depends on the quality, capacity and composition of the NEC. The public face of the ANC must reflect values ​​that are non-racial, non-sexist and represent the diversity of SA. [They] must have the leadership and political potential, track record, public standing and integrity to lead the ANC,” Motlanthe added.

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