Trevor Noah paid tribute to the memory of his late grandmother, who died this week.

Comedian and Daily show the presenter made an announcement on his Instagram on Thursday, sharing a video of his Gog, Francis Noah during their last chat.

In the video you can see Trevor and his grandmother trading jokes, smiling and laughing for a short clip.

His homage was, “How can I smile in a photo when I don’t have teeth?”

“This morning our family buried the senior member of our clan, Francis Noah, or, as most of us called her, Goga.

“My grandmother was born in 1927, and although she was 95 years old, she has preserved the best memory of all of us. Every moment spent with her felt like a magical journey through time, where she talked about all the greatest joys, losses, achievements and milestones of the family.

“Her house in Sauet was not just a home, it was a refuge, a place where other women came when they had nowhere to go, a place where community members gathered to pray together every week, a place where everyone was guaranteed to feel the love that came from her mighty breasts ”.

The comedian often refers to his grandmother in his stand-up shows, and acclaimed people around the world have fallen in love with her. Trevor interviewed his grandmother in 2018 for the segment Daily showwhen they talked about apartheid, his childhood and his rocket became famous at her home in Sauet.

“I know that many of you have loved Gog from afar, and I thank you for the sympathy and blessings you have sent in her memory. I cried all week celebrating the best “movie” I have ever watched.

“A story that started with my first breath and ended with my last. The woman who showed me the truest definition of unconditional love. She peacefully passed away in a dream and even blessed us with the last Mother’s Day she enjoyed. Hamba Kale Gogo, ”he summed up.

Two weeks ago, Trevor became an important moment in his career: he became the first African to host a dinner of White House reporters.

Noah ridiculed Trump, President Joe Biden, politicians, the press and joked about the Oscar and Covid-19 slaps. He was aware that his jokes could lead to trouble.

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“Nowadays, joking is risky. I mean, we’ve all seen what happened at the Oscars. I was actually a little worried about this evening.

“What if I’m really angry with Kelian Conway … and then her husband comes on stage and thanks me?” He joked.

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