The National Attorney’s Office (NPA) says it will pay “corruption attention” to corruption and state seizures over the next six months.

This was announced by the National Director of the NPA Prosecutor’s Office (NDPP), lawyer Shamila Batokha.

She informed the portfolio committee of the National Assembly on Justice and Correctional Services about the annual activity plan of the prosecutor’s office and the budget for the 2022/23 financial year.

“Right now is our response to the findings and recommendations [State Capture Commission] this is what will really be decisive for the NPA and for South Africa. The recent issue of Zondo Reports highlighted how much damage has been done to our country [and] we, as NPAs, need to act with a sense of urgency, focusing on specific cases.

“We are determined to ensure that those involved in the seizure of the state are brought to justice. We’ve said this before, and now we know more than ever that failure is not an option. The consequences for our country are too terrible to imagine, ”she said.

She said the NPA had outlined short-term plans to bring allegedly corrupt officials to justice.

“We have plans for the evidence we have created to combat what we call several initial corruption cases … [these cases] to court in the short term. We are talking about three or six months. We need to make sure that accountability for corruption is the norm, not the exception.

“We understand that if we want to get back the billions that have been stolen … we need to have a very bold and innovative asset recovery strategy and we have been working on that and we certainly believe it will give us the best opportunity to try and get back this lost and stolen money, ”Batohi said.

The NDPP assured the committee that the implementation of these plans would be closely monitored to ensure both external and internal accountability.

“We are reviewing the performance review in three phases of the review. One of them is a review of organizational activities, on the basis of which we report to parliament. Another is reviewing our six-month priority review.

“The second level of implementation and review is the implementation of a six-month priority plan that is very focused on bringing corruption cases and seizing the state to justice.

“The third level of review … concerns our strategic initiatives. We recognize that we need to focus on innovation, transformation and maintaining the highest ethical standards throughout the organization, ”she said.

Batochi stressed in the committee that since her appointment to the NDPP three years ago, “a lot of hard work” has been invested in restoring the integrity and independence of the NPA.

“So after three years of really hard work on rebuilding, laying the foundation for a very fragmented NPA, we can say with confidence that … it is time to act on some important cases that have been very difficult in terms of investigation. We are ready to restore the rule of law in our country, because we know how important it is for the future of our country.

“Our hard work pays off. We see it inwardly, our actions begin to speak for themselves. This is to turn off widespread corruption and no one to control the NGO. We know the long arm of justice [is] sometimes too long, but it will catch up, ”she said.

The NPA continues to speak on the portfolio committee. –

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