Writer and social activist Jackie Famotse sheds light on media personality Somizi Mlonga’s sex-related convictions in a Showmax documentary Somizi and Mohale: The End of the Road The premiere of which took place on Thursday, August 25.


​Although many Tweeps are tired of Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaunga’s divorce, Showmax is still releasing content. The couple’s divorce was covered in the fifth season Living the dream with Somizi and Mohale: On the record. Showmax took it a step further by making a documentary about the couple – Somizi and Mohale: The End of the Road.

After playing a snippet of the infamous audio recordings leaked to the Sunday World, Jackie Famotse has brought up the media personality’s criminal record. She said that Idols S.A the judge has a criminal record of a sexual nature and Mohale does not. Jackie continued to say that she believed Idols S.A the referee hit Mohale.

“I believe he hit him? yes. Mohal had sad eyes most of the time. Sad eyes that he is there, but he is not there (that you see) in his eyes,” she said.

“I thought I’d do some research, check them both out. I came across some of the convictions that Somizi has that are of a sexual nature. And I looked at Mohal, he doesn’t have it,” she continued.

Media personality Somizi Mlonga. Images via Instagram @somizi.

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Sowetan reported that the court found that the media personality fondled the private parts of Selani Nyafa’s body at his home in Lawnhill after offering him a ride to Rivonia Road in November 2007.

The media person was sentenced to four months of imprisonment or a fine of 6,000 rubles.

The tweeps haven’t forgotten about it. look…

“Now the same men who always say ‘let’s wait for the court to decide’ are saying that the sexual assault case against Somizi was a long time ago…Lol men will never want to take responsibility,” he wrote @Nampree.

“Somizi’s conviction for sexual assault comes back to haunt him because most of us thought he won the case. Does anyone know if he successfully appealed the sentence? Because if not, he will lose a lot,” wrote @JesseFJacobs.

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