It is expected that on Friday in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court will be sentenced on the application for release on bail of seven men accused of killing Zimbabwean citizen Elvis Nyati.

The suspects are accused of killing Nyati in Dipslut, Johannesburg, last month during riots over crime in the area.

They are accused of murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, aggravated robbery, assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and extortion.

The state argued that the men would be denied bail because they could interfere in the case by intimidating witnesses, endangering society and falsifying evidence.

Elvis Nyati, accused of murder in case I 7, applies for bail in Randburg City Court [ 25 April 2022]

Seven defendants in the murder of Elvis Nyati are on trial

Defendants say they do not pose a danger to society

Since then, the defendants have stated that they do not pose a danger to the Diepsloot community and should therefore be released on bail.

They also say they are not afraid to be attacked by the community as Dipslut residents came in large numbers to support them in court.

It is alleged that the men stole some of the victims’ belongings and demanded money in exchange for their release from captivity. They all refused to take part in any crimes or actions of the mob that led to Nyati’s death.

Confused family

The Nyati family say they are devastated by the death of a member of their family.

His younger brother Miziaifani Nyati says the family does not tolerate the tragedy.

“The family is just excited about all this. But for that to happen, the guy did nothing. So it’s really traumatic. “

According to Miziaifani, Elvis ’sin was on the street when the group was looking for everyone in the shacks.

“They accused him of being on the street when everyone was inside because he was trying to hide behind this (place) because he heard these people talking about ID, passport and all that. So that’s how they caught it. ”

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