The President of Senegal wrote on Twitter in support of the Senegalese international footballer, who boycotted the match, which took place on Saturday, claiming that it contradicts his beliefs.

The midfielder of Senegal and Paris Saint-Germain Idris Ghana Gue has dropped out of the Ligue 1 match against Montpellier, which was dedicated to the fight against homophobia.

On Twitter, Senegalese President Maki Sal said he supported Idrissa Ghana Guye’s decision and that the player’s religious beliefs should be respected.

Gaye missed the Ligue 1 match Paris Saint-Germain against Montpellier on Saturday – where players wore shirts with their names written in rainbow colors in support of the LGBTQ + community – saying it contradicted his Islamic beliefs.

Paris Saint-Germain spokesman said Idrissa Guye was absent for “individual and personal reasons”

Here in Senegal – where Gaye has a huge following as one of the players who helped secure the country’s first African Cup of Nations title this year – a number of citizens have used social media to show their support for the player, saying he can’t be forced to do so. that contradicts his beliefs and thoughts.

More than 95% of the population are Muslims – and homosexuality is punishable by law. But the player is also facing accusations of homophobia internationally.

With members and supporters of the LGBTQ + community calling for player sanctions.

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