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The South African Prisoners’ Organization for Human Rights (Sapohr) claims the stabbing of Janusz Walus was a simple set-up.

Another inmate injured Walus at Kgoshi Mampuru prison in Pretoria on Tuesday.

The incident happened just days before he was due to be released on parole after nearly 30 years in prison.

Walus shot and killed former South African Communist Party (SACP) general secretary Chris Honey in 1993.

On Monday last week, the Constitutional Court ruled that Justice Minister Ronald Lamola’s March 2020 decision to deny Walus parole was irrational.

The court ordered Lamola to release Valus within 10 days.

Sapohr spokesperson Golden Miles Bhudu says the Walus stabbing is a desperate attempt to gain attention.

“The stabbing of Janusz Walus, I believe, is the reason, it was planned in advance. It wants to draw maximum attention to their plight. [Walus] should have come out 10-15 years ago. It’s just to get attention so we start talking about it and you get the story afterwards [stabbing] history. He was not actually stabbed, but scratched, because if they wanted to kill him, they could have stabbed him and killed him,” adds Bhudu.

March of the tripartite alliance for the release of Janusz Walus:

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