Stew is not just a tasty meat dish. Stews are also a way to use ingredients you already have in your pantry at home, and they’re always a hit with the family. However, the oxtail stew will transport you to a more full-bodied, restaurant-quality flavor. Oxtail can be expensive for some, and not everyone wants to cook for four hours, but slow and slow is the way to go. Oxtail and carrot stew is a real family treat.

Tips for Oxtail and Carrot Stew

To get the highest quality oxtail with less fat, buy it from a local butcher and choose the best cuts. You can use salt pork, pork belly, or even bacon for extra salt and flavor. Browning the meat helps caramelize the meat, but it also adds flavor to the bottom of the pan that doesn’t get scraped up during cooking. For best results, serve oxtail stew with rice or mashed potatoes.

Stew is suitable for a great winter family meal. Our Oxtail and Carrot Stew is a simple hearty and traditional family meal for these cold winters.

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