The aftermath of the Tembisa protest – Tembisa residents have launched a clean-up campaign to restore the beauty of their community.


Members of the Isithame community launched a clean-up campaign on Women’s Day, Tuesday, August 9, The Voice of Tembisa reports.

Active residents, made up of men and women, rolled up their sleeves and swept the streets that were littered with rubbish and burning tires during a protest in Tembisa last week.

Recently, residents of Tembisa went on a rampage, causing total chaos in the community due to service delivery issues.


Residents were unhappy with the increase in electricity tariffs and sudden power cuts.

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The Tembisa protest lasted for almost a week. The chaos resulted in several deaths as law enforcement clashed with the community.

Among those killed was Feta “Ponana” Molonyama, a welder from Tembisa who was shot dead last Monday, August 1.

A 42-year-old resident of Mashemong section in Tembisa has been shot dead by an officer of the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police Division (EMPD) during clashes between the community and law enforcement agencies.

The EFF condemned the welder’s killing and criticized law enforcement for using lethal weapons to fight mobs.

Members of the Isithame community clean Tembisa. Photo: VOT/ Facebook.

The cleanup by Isithame community members may be a step in the right direction, but certainly not enough to repair the damage in Tembisa.

Ekurhuleni Mayor Tanya Campbell revealed the cost of the extensive damage caused by the protests in Tembisa.

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According to her, now the damage is about 35 million rubles. It will still have to go through the audit process.

“We made an assessment of the damage and it amounts to about 35 million rubles. It has yet to go through a proper audit process. We encourage communities not to damage property that serves them. These facilities are there for our communities to help our communities.”


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