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When Nvidia launched its Ampere Lite Hash Rate (LHR) graphics card with a terrible anti-mining limiter Ethereum, the world knew it was only a matter of time before someone or a team hacked it. NiceHash, the company that developed QuickMiner software and Miner Excavator, finally broke Nvidia’s algorithm by returning LHR graphics cards to their 100% Ethereum mining performance …

Prices for the video card are falling sharply and we are starting to see better availability from retailers, with some GPUs being sold at the manufacturer’s recommended retail price or below. Thus, the advent of QuickMiner should not affect the current state of the graphics market, unless large corporations are willing to buy out everything visible for the final push before Ethereum switches to Proof-of-Stake (PoS), often referred to as “Merger”. completed. We believe this is unlikely given the current profitability of even 3080 Ti, which is around $ 3.50 a day, and it will still take almost a year to come out hopeless at current rates. Originally scheduled for June, The Merge won’t be completed until “a few months later,” as Ethereum developer Tim Bako put it on Twitter.

It will be interesting to see if Nvidia responds with updated drivers or implements LHRv3 in other GPUs. However, it may not be worth the effort at the moment, and all existing LHRv2 cards and earlier ones can just stay on current drivers to optimize mining performance.

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