The release on bail of four defendants who allegedly shot dead two African National Congress (ANC) leaders from the municipality of Magaloquena was postponed to Thursday at the Macapana Magistrates’ Court in Limpopo.

The defendants are accused of the alleged fatal shooting in 2019 of ANC adviser Vaaltin Kekan and subregional secretary of the ANC Youth League Ralph Kanyan.

Two years ago, they were shot while sitting in a car in Macapan, which is believed to be a politically motivated murder.

Two groups of Macapane residents chanted near the local magistrate’s court, where four defendants petitioned for bail.

Defendants Jabu Mashamaite, Mswazi Chuma, Samuel Macanyana and Nhola Mangadi face two counts of murder and one count of conspiracy to kill for murder that is considered politically motivated.

Roads leading to the court were cordoned off. At one part of the barricades, a group calling for the release of the accused sang battle songs.

They held placards calling for the release of the accused. On the other side of the barricades, a group of residents also chanted, calling for the denial of the accused on bail. They also had petitions with hundreds of signatures, which were then sent to court.

However, two of the defendants, Samuel Macañana and Nhola Mangadi, told the court they would no longer consider the bail application. According to the investigator, they are believed to be armed men who made deadly shots.

Lawyers representing the other defendants, Jabu Mashamaite and Mswazi Chuma, read the sworn testimony in court asking to be released on bail. In testifying under oath, the couple denied any knowledge of the crime. They both told the court they did not intend to plead guilty.

The state then summoned investigator, Detective Muhammad Salim Wahab, to oppose the bail. Wahhab testified that they had videos and recordings of mobile phones that placed the accused in the place where, according to the witness, a conspiracy was made to kill the couple, as well as at the crime scene.

Senior SAPS officer Major General Samuel Manala says there is a tough case against the accused.

“As for us, we are ready, the indictments are ready, the investigation is over. The case is ready for consideration in the Supreme Court, it cannot be ruled out, it is obvious that the suspects were not alone, there are still suspects who have not been identified yet. “

Lawyers representing the accused are expected to continue cross-examination of the investigator if the case is reopened on Thursday.

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