Refilwe Modiselle took to her Twitter handle to lash out at entertainment commentator Musa Khawula for calling her “terrible” at work.

The star began with a tweet saying that she is not in the world to please anyone as she has come to fulfill a purpose given by God.

“I never took senseless public opinion and comments to heart! PEOPLE are not my God. That’s why I’ve continued to thrive, forging my own path. I’m not here to please people, I’m here to live my life unapologetically and fulfill God’s purpose.”

In response to​​​​ that, Moussa took to Twitter to say that he wondered how she got her gig on electronic TV because she was so “terrible” at it.

“I still wonder how you got the TV program with electronic television. Remember the TV show where we met him was called Hush. You were so terrible at it and I remember you just blinking instead of asking me questions. Not surprisingly, this performance was cancelled. It didn’t work out for you and Zola.”

Refilwe could not let it slide as he accuses Musa of chasing influence.

She says she wonders how he comes up with such a lie when he advises Musa to heal from something that is eating away at him.

“All in the name of your pursuit of influence. I wonder how you came up with some of these lies. Musa get well from whatever is eating you up dear. I never bothered with you, did not take away your bread and did not say anything about you or to you! Go get treatment, you bitter.”

See the tweet below:

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