The President of the African National Congress (ANC) Cyril Ramaphosa called on all parties fighting at the 9th Election Conference in the Eastern Cape to disband their lobby groups and focus on the unity of the organization.

On Monday night, he delivered his closing remarks at a three-day meeting at the Interior Ministry in East London.

The Eastern Cape Hot Conference ended Sunday night when Oscar Mabuyan was elected chairman of the province for the next four years. The end of the conference was postponed until the day after the disagreement over the adoption of the powers.

Competition for leadership was between major rivals Mabuyan, who was re-elected, and businessman Babalo Madikizela.

Ramaphosa says both sides must now work towards unity of purpose and stop purging each other.

He toppled those who argued that the African National Congress’s Provincial Conference in the Eastern Cape would find itself in chaos, saying this year their organizational activities would be used to strengthen unity and renew the ANC.

“Congratulations, comrade, for your commitment and determination to make this conference happen. Many thought it would lead to chaos, even in the front pages of some newspapers we said it would go into chaos, and I’m glad you proved them wrong. “

The second term

Meanwhile, the ANC in the Eastern Cape threw its weight for President Ramaphos in his application for a second term as party president at an election conference in December.

Recently re-elected provincial chairman Oscar Mabuyan showed this by congratulating Ramaphosa on closing the election conference. Mabuyan says that, looking at Ramaphosa’s efforts to run the ANC in difficult conditions, he deserves another term at the helm of Africa’s largest liberation movement.

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