Fallon Stein and Chris Denby-White of Cush

In this podcast, TechCentral talks to security experts at Qush about company data risks and insider threats.

Chris Denby-White, Qush’s Director of Global Customer Success, contextualises how the company’s Reveal platform creates relevant visibility so companies can make the right decisions at the right time to protect their people, their operations and their reputation.

Fallon Steyn, Regional Sales Manager Middle East and Africa at Qush, then shows how the user is at the center of the solution. If we want to improve data security, we need to know what data is, she says. Stein touches on how the hybrid operating model creates new data risks and why, as cloud services become more common, the security of your data is still up to you.

The question IT security leaders should be asking themselves is, “What specific data security issues should I be focusing on and how effective have our teams (read: ‘I’) been in mitigating risk?”

Modern data loss protection solutions must respond to rapidly changing needs and threats. Static rules or compliance training are rarely sufficient to meet organizational and business requirements.

Here, Qush Security takes a new approach to this age-old problem. Rather than viewing users as a potential risk that requires serious mitigation, they take an approach of partnering with them to ensure that both business and security win.

Listen/watch below.

To learn more, visit www.Qush.com or www.solid8.co.za. And connect with Chris Denby-White and Fallon Stein on LinkedIn.

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