TV producer Quinton Jones and ex-husband Mini Dlamini were recently spotted at a club party with a friend earlier this week.

This public outing seems to be the first time Jones has been seen in public since he and Mini Dlamini announced in a joint statement that they are divorcing.

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Twips, however, was not convinced that Quinton had a good time at the club, and many said he looked as if he had been forced out.

The appearance came days after a blogger on Twitter made statements that Mini Dlamini betrayed Quinton Jones with South African tycoon and businessman Edwin Soddy.

Shortly after the charges were filed, the TV personality as well as Quinton issued a joint statement in which both refuted the rumors and made it clear that the reason for their divorce was not related to Sodi.

“Since yesterday, we have learned on social media about various accusations against our divorce. Not to mention that all the accusations are false, harmful and malicious, ”the statement said.

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MacG attacks Mini Dlamini

Unsure of this statement, McGuire ‘MacG’ Mukwewa and his team addressed the issue on their popular podcast channel, Podcasting and coolingand shared a few more shocking allegations about Dlamini.

In a nutshell, the podcast said he had no problem with the fact that “IT girls” came to the forefront, but there were problems with how they sell the dreams of their fans and followers and lie about how they really get glory and success.

This was before he said that Mini allegedly slept with the brand manager of a major alcohol brand to extend his contract, and then said that there is not much difference between Dlamini and Zodwa Vabantu because they both sell n *** *.

“There is no difference between Mini and Zodwa Vabant, they both sell n ****. One owns it, the other doesn’t, and that’s my problem.

“If you’re selling n ****, just say, ‘Yeah, I’m selling n ****, that’s how I get my shit.’ Thank you for who we are to judge, ”Mukveva said.

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