Biopharmaceutical company MindMed has announced the first data from a new Phase 2 trial that tested high doses of LSD as an anxiety treatment. The results show that one or two sessions of LSD can generate a rapid and sustained reduction in anxiety, but much larger trials will be needed to confirm these findings. The New Atlas reports: This new test was conducted at the University Hospital of Basel in Switzerland. The study was randomized and placebo-controlled with a crossover design involving 46 participants. Participants completed two high doses (200 micrograms) of LSD at six-week intervals. The main endpoint was the reduction in anxiety 16 weeks after the second LSD session, measured on a scale called STAI (State-Trait Anxiety Inventory), a routine test used to quantify anxiety.

Data found by MindMed show that 65 percent (13 of 20) of patients in the LSD group showed a clinically significant reduction in STAI of more than 30 percent. Only nine percent of the placebo group (two of 22) showed similar clinical improvements. The results show that treatment was generally safe with only mild side effects reported by most subjects. The ad did report one serious adverse treatment occurrence during an LSD session, described as “acute transient anxiety and delirium.” This subject required sedatives, but no long-term side effects were noted. […] MindMed is now beginning a phase 2b study to expand on these results and further explore LSD as a treatment for anxiety disorders.

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