• The aim of the series is to empower young viewers in Africa to encourage lasting and effective behavior change by inspiring the next generation of environmentalists, giving them the knowledge and skills to understand, preserve and protect the world around us.
  • Announced by local series hosts.
  • White Rhino Films from Kenya has been announced as a production partner.
  • Shanah Serena Mangeru, Reilly Mugo Mwai, Mouse Hodson, Adarsh ​​Nagda, Marita Nyambura Lucas

    On the eve of Earth Day 2022, The Walt Disney Company, Wildlife Direct, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the United States Department of State announced that production began on National Geographic Kids Africa Cognitive entertainment series.

    In addition, the first group of leading series was announced. Mouse Hodson (13), Marita Lucas (12), Shana Mangeru (14), Reilly Mwai (10) and Adarsh ​​Nagda (12) will be leading shows in the studio and in Nairobi. A casting is now underway for field speakers who will represent segments in other regions of Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa and Tanzania.

    National Geographic Kids Africa – is a joint effort to mark the environment and raise awareness of conservation and related issues through an actual entertainment program for children. The project aims to inspire and promote positive behavior among their audiences to protect the world in which they live, through building a deeper understanding of their environment.

    Mouse Hodson, Adarsh ​​Nagda, Reilly Mugo Mwai, Shanah Serena Mangeru, Marita Niembura Lucas

    Mouse Hodson, Adarsh ​​Nagda, Reilly Mugo Mwai, Shanah Serena Mangeru, Marita Niembura Lucas

    The 26-episode TV series will be shot mostly in East Africa with additional filming in West and South Africa. The series will be produced by The Walt Disney Company with White Rhino Films as a production partner. White Rhino Films is a young, creative and vibrant production company based in Kenya and striving to create quality and interesting stories.

    The WildlifeDirect Implementing Partner will collaborate on research and creativity to the series, and lead community-related East African advocacy projects to encourage students from 200 schools to make a lasting impact on conserving landscape-rich landscapes. Investing in knowledge and skills, through tools such as conservation centers, educational resources, special teacher training, professional exchanges and more, the information program aims to develop a passionate community of young researchers with enthusiasm and desire to defend their continent and their world. .

    The series will air across Africa on National Geographic Wild and Disney Channel in late 2022 with the introduction of digital extensions on social networking platforms that will allow viewers to further explore the topics covered in the series.

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