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On Tuesday, August 23, 2022, the President of the Republic, His Excellency Dr. George Mane Weah, made government appointments affecting Nimba County Local Government.

Those appointed as Weah President include Mr. Lambai M. Barlea, Tapita Statutory Superintendent, Mr. Moses Dola, Supt. Saniquellie-Mah Development Superintendent,

Mr. Joseph Flavius ​​M. Payet, Sr., Asst. Development Superintendent, Tappita, Mr. Daniel Bieh, Asst. Statutory Superintendent of Development, Jarvin-Mensanach, and Mr. Alex Tomah, Asst. Statutory Development Superintendent, Zoe-Ge

Others include Mr. Levi Bainbo, Commissioner of Mensanoch Administrative District, Mr. Samuel Freeman, Commissioner of Zainia Administrative District, Mr. Samuel Dweh, Commissioner of Blinlon Administrative District, Mr. Henry Corso, Commissioner of Kparbli Administrative District, and Mr. Yelegar Yelegar, Darwin-Mehnsonoh Inspector.

President Weah also appointed Mr. Mathew Matadi, Quendin Township Commissioner, Madam Aneta Diagor, Gray Township Commissioner, Mr. New Vaye, Dumpa County Commissioner, Mr. Lawrence Weh, Camp No. 1 Township Commissioner, Mr. Tamena Mulbach, Mah Display Township Commissioner, Mr. Adolphe Navon Sonkarlai, Gbla Township Commissioner, Mr. Carton Johnson, Zoi Luapa Township Commissioner, and Mr. Moses B. Tiawon, Nanla Lepula Township Commissioner.

President Weah also appointed Mr. Erastus G. Duo, Paramount Chief of Wi-Gbehi Chiefdom in Sakleapea Ma and Mr. Francis K. Duo, Clan Chief of Nyor Chiefdom in Buu Yao District.

Appointments are subject to confirmation by the Honorable Senate of Liberia if applicable.

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