President Cyril Ramaphosa says the presidential Imbizo will ensure that local economic development strategies yield tangible results for citizens. He spoke during Mpumalanga’s business forum at the Imbizo presidential in Carolina.

Ramaphosa and his office are visiting the area as part of the presidential Imbizo, the district’s development model.

He says: “We are expanding business incubation centers across the country because we have seen how effective they can be in supporting and assisting start-up entrepreneurs.”

In Carolina, the President met with representatives of the business community. Imbizo seeks to consult with communities to improve service delivery.

Ramaphosa warned local officials that they should look for ways to maintain investment in their area.

“When businesses can’t get joy, good services and a supportive environment locally, they run away, they take their investments elsewhere, and we’ve seen it happen in some parts of our country where businesses don’t get good services, good roads which they leave on their money, so it is very important that our local governments work effectively. “

Positive results

County Governor Gert Sibande Walter Mngamezulu is confident that the presidential imbiz will yield positive results for the entire region.

The district is facing problems, including poor road infrastructure and water shortages.

Ramaphosa meets with the business community before joining the community at Silabela Stadium on Friday afternoon.

Mngamezulu says things need to be improved. “We know they will return to address these issues, some of them related to politics. What we expect to change in the next two to three years. In terms of the visit, because it’s not a road show, but the president wanted to feel and see the impact of Imbizo. “

Carolina residents hope the presidential Imbizo will bring lasting services:

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