Trailer The little mermaid caused quite a bit of controversy online after millions of people spoke out against a black actress playing a Disney princess who is traditionally white. Social media users have slammed Disney’s choice to cast RnB sensation Holly Bailey as the famous underwater princess, but opinions may just change after black and interracial moms around the world started sharing their children’s reactions to Ariel being black like them. .

Young Black Girls Love The New Little Mermaid

Little black girls from around the world proved why representation matters after they had the sweetest reaction to the new movie trailer The little mermaid.

The trailer was released by Disney on YouTube over the weekend and features Ariel, played by Holly Bailey, singing Part of your world.

While there was a lot of backlash on black The little mermaidmany black boys and girls reacted with excitement to seeing someone who looked like them act like a princess.

Since Saturday, September 10, dozens of videos have been posted on the social media platform TikTok showing children’s various reactions to the trailer.

In one video, a little girl named Sienna watches a trailer for an upcoming Disney movie. Upon seeing Bailey, the young girl excitedly asks her mom @candikane, β€œIs that Ariel? Is that her?!”

@candikane__ Sienna loves Ariel #thelittlemermaid #theelittlemermaid #hallebailey #ariel #blindreact #fyp #Sienna #blackgirljoy ♬ original sound – Candie

In another video shared by @zaneholmestiktok, one child excitedly shouts, “She’s as brown as me!” while another says: “I think she’s brown” before adding “Brown Ariel is cute”

@preciousavery I love this for my 3 year old 🀎 #littlemermaid #toddlersoftiktok #hallebailey #girlpower ♬ original sound – Precious & Emery

Bailey is honored

Bailey previously told PEOPLE that she is grateful to be cast as a black Ariel and for black boys and girls who rarely see themselves as princesses and princes in movies.

“The fact that now it’s starting to play me, a person who looks like me, a woman of color, I’m just like, wow, I’m so grateful for what it’s going to do for all the other little Black and brown boys and girls who are going to see myself in me.

“Because I know if I saw myself when I was younger, I think my whole perspective would change.”

The little mermaid is set to hit theaters on May 26, 2023.

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