Maybe you’ve recently started eating plant-based, or you’ve always been a vegetarian and still love a good braai. There are still great options to put on hot coals, and mushrooms are the answer. Our Portobello Steaks with Zucchini Chips and Garlic Aioli are great for non-meat eaters, but also great as a summer braai for everyone else.

Portabello steaks with zucchini slices

Everything is better with garlic and aioli is just a creamy garlic mayonnaise and you can use vegetarian options. Since deep fryers are so popular because they just work, zucchini chips are crunchy and add a great contrast to the dish. When cooking mushrooms, it is difficult to digest them, so for large mushrooms, coal is suitable, which is better, the larger they are. Serve as a whole dish or as a side dish for braai.

If you love braai but want a vegetarian option, try our portobello steaks with zucchini and garlic aioli.

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