Police Minister Bheki Chele has vowed to bring stability to the West Rand.

The police minister is leading the fight against crime in the West Rand

He was addressing residents of West Village in Krugersdorp over the gang-rape of eight women allegedly raped by illegal miners last week.

Chele says South Africa cannot be turned into a prison. He says that women and children should feel safe in the country.

“Let the women sleep in peace with their children. Let the kids be kids and go play outside. Let women own their bodies and do what they want with their bodies, not what they are forced to do with their bodies.” – he adds.

However, some residents were disappointed with the minister’s visit, saying it was pointless because the situation they faced has been going on for seven years and that the police have not done anything so far and they live in constant fear.

Residents share their feelings about anti-crime

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