There are two species of plants with the toughest flowers in the world that deliberately kill their pollinating insects. Jack’s flowers at the department, Arisaema angustatum, and his close relative Arisaema Peninsula hidden inside a skull-shaped wrapper with a narrow entrance, with a high hood standing at the top. The flower dungeon entices male fungal flies, perhaps mimicking the sexual scent of females to trick males into finding a mate.

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When the plants are small, they develop only male flowers that cover the pollen of midges. The flower prison is too slippery for midges to get out of, and their only way out is through a tiny hole in the chamber before they can fly and hit the same trick on another plant. But as the plants grow larger, they have female flowers, and the escape hole closes, and so the flies that end up in the flower prison now become well and truly imprisoned. When they desperately try to escape, they suppress the female flowers with pollen, but without a way out and food, the midges eventually die – quite possibly the toughest cross-pollination strategy of all known flowers.

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