Popular content creator Michalali Ndamase and businessman Liroy Sidambe’s relationship has been a hot topic for months and the beauty creator has finally broken her silence.

Over the weekend, Sidambe clarified his relationship status after there was confusion over whether he was still with his estranged wife, Mary Jane.

In a statement, Sidambe described his split from Mary Jane as a separation and said he tried to make the process as amicable as possible for the sake of the children he shares with Mary Jane.

The businessman claimed he had started divorce proceedings in March and, according to his lawyers, he was legally separated, “which meant my estranged wife and I could live our lives as we see fit,” he said.

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After Sidambe released his statement, Ndamase appeared at Dineo Ranaka and Solo Phenduki’s breakfast on Kaya 959 on Monday morning.

The big elephant in the room was being addressed shyly after Ndamas changed her Twitter handle to ‘Hot Topic Ndamas’.

The beauty influencer said the change came about because she became the topic of many conversations on social media.

“Since I’m a hot topic, let me own it.” Ranaka asked her how she felt about what was said about her as “topical”.

Ndamase responded: “I try not to read too much into it but everyone is entitled to their opinion, that’s what you sign up for when you’re in a public space. They allowed us to share, they allowed us to talk.”

The digital creator adds that she’s deliberately kept her personal life and business separate, explaining that she doesn’t see “the need to look to people for validation” and tries to drown out outside noise.

The rest of the conversation revolved around Ndamase’s career in beauty, her goals to fund girl-based organizations, and her business, Malakyt, which helps consumers find beauticians in their area.

When the couple finally broke free, some netizens hoped the topic would be put to rest.

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