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| Breakfast host Refilwe Moloto talks to South African National Coordinator Bianca van Oswegen.

  • “Kidnappings are on the rise, as is human trafficking,” said Bianca van Asvegen of SA’s missing children.
  • The organization warns that both children and adults are being targeted by human trafficking syndicates in the country.

Parents were urged to take care of themselves and their children amid a growing increase in kidnappings and human trafficking.

Missing children South Africa has seen an increase in abductions across the country.

The organization has dealt with cases of opportunistic kidnappings, kidnappings of parents, kidnappings with ransom, kidnappings in folk medicine and human trafficking.

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Missing Children SA national coordinator Bianca van Asvegen says the last two years have seen a surge in human trafficking as people have become more vulnerable to criminal syndicates.

According to van Asvegen, fake job postings and fake social media profiles are just some of the tactics used to lure victims of human trafficking.

Trafficking in human beings has certainly intensified in our country, especially during Covid-19, due to the fact that people have become very desperate, many people have lost their jobs and others work from home. They are online, children have been online more on social media, and these platforms are actually using these syndicates to train children and lure people into these circles of human trafficking.

Bianca van Asvegen, National Coordinator – Missing Children SA

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Van Asvegen tells CapeTalk that human trafficking is often motivated by sexual exploitation, illegal adoption, forced labor and illegal activities such as drug trafficking.

She says people need to be vigilant and know both about their physical environment and about interacting online.

Parents are advised to monitor their child’s activity on social networks, as well as pay attention to suspicious accounts or online fraud.

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We never think this will happen to us, so you just do your day … but we need to be more vigilant to your surroundings.

Bianca van Asvegen, National Coordinator – Missing Children SA

SAPS has not published anything recently, but we see an increase in the number of missing children every year … especially abductions and human trafficking … Statistics give us only a general idea of ​​what is happening in our country, but the seriousness behind this is much worse than we actually think.

Bianca van Asvegen, National Coordinator – Missing Children SA

If any of your loved ones are missing, you should report it to the police as soon as you find out they are missing.

Once you have opened a case, you can seek help from organizations such as Missing Children SA.

There is no waiting period to report a missing person, and the first 24-48 hours are the most critical in the investigation, van Asvegen explains.

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