Rafa Nadal said that he and the other members of the ATP Players’ Council are to protect Russian and Belarusian players who were expelled from this year’s Wimbledon.

The All-England Laun Tennis Club (AELTC) has banned players from the two countries from participating in this year’s grass court in response to what Russia calls a “special military operation” in Ukraine. Belarus was a key place for the invasion.

Responding to reports that the players’ council had asked to deprive him of the tournament’s rating points, Nadal said that the organization’s task was to protect each player.

“The council has some private talks about such things,” 21-time main winner Nadal told reporters at the Italian Open.

“All we can do is keep in touch with Wimbledon and the rest of the ATP leadership to do things that work better to protect every single player in the ATP. After all, it is our job to protect the players and work for the benefit of every player we represent. ”

The AELTC decision was condemned by both the men’s and women’s rounds, as well as several other players.
World number one Novak Djokovic, who also criticized the ban, recently said he had talked to Russian players and found it difficult to be excluded from the tournament.

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