Are Offset Upset? The artist has just refused to subscribe to Quavo and Takeoff on Instagram, leading to speculation that the group Migos, which includes the trio, broke up.

At this age, refusing to subscribe to a friend or associate is a crucial sign that the bridge of friendship is broken and you can no longer go with them. But is that so now with the Migos band? It is still unclear, as none of the three talked about a possible break.

Interestingly, although we confirm that Offset is no longer following Quavo and Takeoff, we also noticed that Takeoff is still following them at the time of writing. Also, Quavo is no longer monitoring the disorder, but is still monitoring the takeoff.

What does this indicate? Maybe Offset and Quavo are evolving, but probably Takeoff isn’t part of the beef – otherwise he wants it resolved soon because he’s still watching Offset.

Most of the evidence points to the fall of Offset and Quavo, with Takeoff probably in the middle of their dispute. In any case, the coming days should bring more clarity.

The Migos fans don’t really like the possibility of a breakup, as some think it will be worse than the Beatles.

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