Officials from the two NGOs are expected to testify Monday at an investigation into Essidimeni’s life at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria.

Former clinical manager of Mosego Home and former head of Anchor House will speak.

About 100 people died in four NGOs, including the Tocalani House in Soweta, the Mosega House in Krugersdorp, the Precious Angels in Atheridgeville, the Cullinan Rehabilitation Center, which housed two other NGOs, Anchor House and Siyabadinga.

The investigation is trying to determine whether any Gauteng Health officials or NGO owners could be prosecuted for the deaths of 144 mentally ill patients in 2016.

In March, investigators learned that psychiatric patients were malnourished and that their weight loss was abnormal.

This is the opinion of a specialist, Professor Gregory Tintinger.

Tintinger shed light on the medical causes of death of mental health patients based on postmortem data.

Tintinger testified that postmortem studies did not reveal the exact cause of death.

“If a person has lost 27% of their weight in just three months, it is very abnormal. We will always try to establish the cause of such weight [loss]».

The video below tells more about the investigation into Essidimeni’s life:

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