WhatsApp is making some welcome changes, especially for people who like and dislike long voice notes.

WhatsApp has rolled out an update for Android and iPhone users to their voice memo feature.

The social media giant made the change on Friday, and it’s aimed at people who are unhappy when a friend, family member or even colleague decides to send long voice messages without provocation.

Changes in WhatsApp voice memo

Changes to voice memos in WhatsApp include speeding up voice memos to listen to the story faster.

You can also listen and text others at the same time, which many users will love, easily multitasking within the app.

The next feature includes the ability to pause a voice memo and resume when you’re ready. You don’t have to start the days over and delete the entry.

The update has officially been rolled out.

WhatsApp at work

WhatsApp has become synonymous with business communication, and Kavita Cooverjee, senior professional associate at Schoemanlaw Inc, has warned that employers should avoid the app.

In an article posted on the legal information portal GoLegalCooverjee cautions that while WhatsApp is a convenient workplace communication tool, it has its problems.

According to Cooverjee, an employee should not respond or receive messages during non-working hours or days.

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“An employee should not be expected to be available 24 hours a day for an employer, and employers should not be shy about reaching out to employees whenever they want,” Cooverji said.

“But we all know that emergencies happen and sometimes a WhatsApp chat can make things easier very quickly.

“So there are some advantages to using WhatsApp messaging for work.”

According to Cooverjee, the Cybercrime Act does provide offenses for threats to persons, categories of persons and property through data sharing.

“This also includes sending personal work data to non-work people via WhatsApp,” he said.

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