For the MWF 2021/2022 application cycle, more than 19,000 Nigerians started applying, and more than 8,000 applied before the deadline.

The United States Mission in Nigeria has selected 56 young “miners” to participate in the 2022 Mandela Washington Scholarship (MWF). In addition, the U.S. Mission in Nigeria has selected 16 graduates from the MWF cohort from 2021 to participate in this year’s Alumni Enrichment Institute.

Deputy Head of Mission Kathleen FitzGibbon made the announcement during a pre-departure orientation program in Abuja organized for beneficiaries in preparation for their scholarship in the United States this summer.

“For the MWF 2021/2022 application cycle, more than 19,000 Nigerians have started applying, and more than 8,000 have applied by the deadline.

“Since then, 56 Mandela Washington scholarships have been available to Nigerians this year,” she said.

Sublime comrades

Majokun Iaamoler, an environmentalist who will study the civic leadership track at the University of Appalachia, Boone, North Carolina, said the election was an exciting opportunity for him.

“I believe it will change the game for me and for everyone else, as we will learn optimized ways to improve the quality and expand the scope of our work,” he said.

Chiso Nwanquo, a social entrepreneur and clean technology expert who runs the Skilled Women Initiative, said: “After a virtual scholarship in 2021 following the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m excited to head to Drexel University in Pennsylvania this summer as an enrichment for MWF alumni.” .

“I look forward to building new relationships that will be critical to growing my nonprofit TSWINI and improving my knowledge of sustainable clean technology solutions,” she said.

Babaje Oluwase, founder of Ecotutu, an environmentally friendly technology company that supplies African enterprises with complex cold chain solutions, said it was a really exciting feeling for him to be selected to participate in the scholarship. “After completing my studies in the United States, I look forward to integrating the knowledge gained into my work to advance Ecotutu’s mission to democratize access to affordable cooling solutions for African businesses.”

Be good ambassadors

Advising fellows, MWF program coordinator Dyran Adegoke told fellows that the opportunity to travel to the United States should be appreciated.

Making a presentation to the fellows on the topic of “speech in the elevator”, he encouraged them to present themselves in the best way and always remember that they are in the United States to represent Nigeria.

Prestigious scholarship

The Washington Mandela Fellowship for Young African Leaders, launched in 2014, is the flagship exchange program of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), sponsored by the U.S. government, created to further the United States ’commitment to investing in Africa’s future. Each year, U.S. missions in sub-Saharan Africa select experienced leaders who have achieved records of innovation and positive impact in their countries.

This summer, fellows will travel to the United States to participate in six-week Leadership Institutes that study business, civic engagement, or public administration in U.S. colleges and universities. Upon completion of the Leadership Institutes, Fellows will attend the Mandela Washington Annual Fellowship Summit, where fellows, U.S. government officials, and representatives of businesses and organizations interested in Africa participate in high-level sessions and seminars.