The founder and CEO of, Dr. Randa Grobe-Zachary, has disclosed that over 900 new non-formal education centers have been opened in North-Eastern Nigeria to accelerate the delivery of education to children affected by the Boko Haram insurgency. .

Grob-Zachary, who revealed in an interview with our correspondent, noted that the need for intervention was prompted by the massive destruction of schools across the region.

“To date, 1,200 schools have been destroyed and 1,700 have been forced to close. In the Education Development in North-East Nigeria (AENN) programme, a key part of the success has been the establishment of over 900 new non-formal education centres.’

“The program also supported about 119 existing formal schools in Yobe and Borno states with teacher training and materials in the local language to support students through conflict sensitive education practices.

“As the program increased its focus to reach the most marginalized learners, it expanded to add ten more non-formal learning centers specifically for girls and learners with disabilities,” she said.

Highlighting some of the successes recorded by evidence-based accelerated learning, Grob-Zachary noted that accelerated learning is a complete success story in Africa as it has been an effective tool for out-of-school children over the years. have achieved full-time education. time education.

“Accelerated learning involves compressing up to three years of primary education into one school year by shortening the curriculum to focus on the basics of literacy and numeracy, using an interactive, child-centered learning approach – small, lively groups, often led by specially trained young local facilitators and actively involved communities in supporting their children’s education.”