The company behind the bright green marijuana-themed trucks that flood Manhattan’s tourist areas is now paying the price for repeatedly running afoul of the law. They were fined not for selling anything illegal, but for being a major contributor to one of the city’s other infamous scourges: illegal parking. From the report: The New York City Department of Finance confirmed to the Guardian that Weed World Candies paid $200,000 in parking fines to return several cars that were towed in June by the city’s sheriff’s office.

But while Weed World appears to be getting on the right side of the law, its payouts are only a fraction of the $534.5 million the city owes in unpaid parking fines, according to the agency, as serial violators skirt the rules in one of the world’s parks the craziest places to get around. In midtown Manhattan, where competition for parking is fierce on a network of cramped and chaotic roads, trucks routinely stop in bike lanes, forcing cyclists to deal with busy traffic; cars are double-parked as drivers rush into the bakery to buy increasingly expensive bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches. The police often turn a blind eye to allegations that they park their private cars illegally and harass the cyclist who reports them.

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