Nathanael Columbus of Endola urged university students to focus on their studies and prevent unwanted pregnancies because they jeopardize their learning and can create a burden for parents.

He said this after sending one of his daughters to study economics at the University of Namibia (UNAM) last year, only to have her return home with a six-month pregnancy in December.

The situation forced her to leave her six-day-old child in the care of her parents, and she returned to Windhoek to continue her studies in April.

Frieda Colombo and her boyfriend Salom Shittini, both 22 years old, enrolled at Unam last year for economics and education respectively.

However, the duo conceived a child in their first year at university.

Frieda then gave birth to a baby girl on March 6 at Engel Hospital and left the baby with her parents and older sister while she continued her studies.

Columbus said the eldest daughter took good care of the child, but later fell ill and died.

However, Shitini told New Era that he suspects the child died of malnutrition, based on his observations when he recently visited the morgue to see his daughter in person for the first time.

Columbus disputed Shittini’s allegation, saying they fed the baby well. He also said he told his daughter not to continue her studies this year to breastfeed.

“I am very disappointed in my own daughter. I sent her to Unam to study and become useful in society, only to get pregnant in December, ”he complained.

“After she told me about her pregnancy, I told her to stay and give birth. I also told her I would go to the Ongwedewi and Ashakati campuses to see if she was offered courses so she could go to school while breastfeeding. not far from home. “

“She insisted on going to school and decided to leave the child so that the sister could help the mother (my wife) take care of the child as she has experience with babies.

I told her that since she left the baby, I would reduce her monthly allowance from $ 1,000 to $ 500 so she could share this with her daughter, which I eventually did. Now has it given birth to the hype that we didn’t take care of the baby and that she died of malnutrition? Female students should stop giving birth while they are in school because it creates problems, ”he said, sobbing loudly.

Columbus explained that the child began to lose weight on Friday, April 22, and on Saturday his wife was taken to Ongha Clinic. On Sunday, the child’s condition deteriorated and she died when she was carried away by Aunt Laina Colambou.