Rumors are rife in entertainment circles that musician Angu Makubala has been dumped by his fiancee Robyn Mentor.

Local media reports that the fiancee of the former Generations actor shared the news on social media where she posted on Instagram.

Popularly known as Naak Musik, Makubala is allegedly a single man as the two former lovebirds made headlines as a couple back in June 2021.

In an Instagram story, Robyn revealed that she is no longer engaged to Naak Muzik, saying that she is done with the old season.

“Entering a new season and ending another. I am no longer engaged to Anga (Naak Music),” she wrote on her Instagram story, according to Kaya 959.

The Parktown-based radio station reports that the report comes days after Naaka Musica called the mother of his child, Roselyn April.

Roselyn called out the Eastern Cape-born musician after he posted a picture with his then-fiancé looking all ecstatic.

“My cousin heard my baby daddy on the speakerphone this weekend asking for a date etc. and said I was heartless, that he sounded serious. She sent me a screenshot today, shocked that he posted his girlfriend,” Roselyn said on Twitter.

After she announced the end of her relationship with Naak Muzik, it seems Muso also deleted their Instagram photos.

Image: Anga Makhubalo/Instagram

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